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Our Story

Why We Started Lina's Body Butters

After experiencing the challenges of unhappy skin first-hand and trying dozens of different products, we were determined to take matters into our own hands. 

That's why we created products that we have happily used ourselves. Not too long ago, we discovered the opportunity to make a family business out of it and start sharing our product with the world. And that’s when Lina's Body Butters was born. 


Our Customers Come First

From the moment you place your order, you’ll realize how much we care about the customer experience. We honestly could have cut corners to make more profits, if we wanted to. But, we realized that in order to truly serve our customers and build a company built to last, we needed to focus on an incredible customer experience. We feel grateful for any business we get and appreciate the opportunity to reciprocate with a truly memorable customer experience. We hope our gratitude and commitment to excellence shows - whether it’s discovered through our friendly follow-up messages, our fast shipping, or our caring customer support team.  

We Stay Humble & Grateful

Honestly, we’re grateful that we're able to run a small business that employs others and allows us to share our creations with others. If we’re not busy fulfilling your orders or working on new products, you’ll find us doing yoga, playing music, relaxing at the beach, exercising, and spending time with our loved ones. 

We're Purpose-Driven

Our purpose is simple - to empower our customers to become the best versions of themselves and be truly ‘happy in their own skin’. No matter how unhappy or frustrated our skin makes us feel now, it can never take power away from us. With a strong and positive attitude, we can fight against anything and become a winner in the end. Join us and be part of a community of individuals who will not accept defeat.